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  • Looking to strengthen consulting the skills of your consultants, yourself, or your colleagues? We would love to think with you on how to take your consulting skills to the next level.

    Consultants who know what they do

    ICT projects are often large and complex. That requires consultants who know their trade. You deliver them! Your experts help your clients to move forward. They are substantively, technically, and analytically strong. You often have satisfied clients.


    And yet, that is not always enough.

    Complex pathways

    Major organisational issues require more than technical expertise and high commitment. Clients expect consultants to understand their field and the consequences of technical choices. For their people and for their customers. Thinking along with all levels of the organisation is required. Also at C-level.


    How do you ensure that consultants can discuss the client's business naturally? And that they anticipate questions like: 'What impact can you guarantee us? What is the effect on our business? How is our strategy translated into technology? Will the proposed IT project actually help us? Why is it so expensive? Why isn't it finished yet?'

    Sufficient seniority on major trajectories

    How do you attract senior consultants in today's market? And how do you keep them? In other words, how do you ensure your business continuity? Also, how do you attract new clients? Seniors are badly needed for their technological knowledge and to spar with stakeholders. They are an example for younger colleagues, especially in high-pressure conversations.


    Strengthening consultancy skills at every level ensures that consultants are better equipped to deal with everyday pitfalls. E.g. the recurring discussion about scope. If you invest in consultants' personal growth and strengthen their competencies, it helps to keep valuable people.

    Added value training Consultancy Skills

    After the training, the consultants will have a much better understanding of the client's expectations. That makes it easier to respond and engage properly. And thereby, to convincingly connect their expertise to the client's ambitions. This strengthens your position to become the client's partner, rather than a supplier. The client is happy, you increase your commercial opportunities, and the consultants have more job satisfaction.

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