• The Approach

    A tailor made program

  • Conversations with your client

    The training revolves around client conversations. From the initial intake for junior consultants to complex conversations with multiple stakeholders in a political case. We use roleplays that come directly from the consultants' daily practice. To do that, we work closely with you as the client.

    Acting coaches play the client

    In the morning, we usually discuss new "practice theory," which we immediately practice in exercises. In the afternoon, an actor plays the role of the client. Three of these acting coaches work within IT themselves, two of them as business developers. They speak to the client they play on a daily basis. They are all thoroughly trained in the models used.

  • The acting coaches

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    Peter-Paul Beijers

    Business Development Manager at Eraneos

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    Michiel Zeegers 

    Facilitator,Teambuilder, and Acting coach at Human Centric

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    Duco Zitman

    Sales Lead Northern Europe at Channable

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    Danilo Mak 

    Project Success Consultant at BlueBricks

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    Arthur Geesing

    Training actor, trainer, and coach

  • Customised program

    A typical Consulting Skills program is 3 to 5 separate days, with 2 to 3 weeks in between days. The consultant integrates their new business communication skills into everyday conversations. The training has an ascending level of difficulty. Each day builds on the previous one and adds more depth. The program includes your organisation's specific focus areas.


    Shorter one-day workshops are also possible.

    AtPresent also provides individual coaching

    Individual coaching can be provided seperately, or in combination with the training.

    • Zoom in on those situations in which you want to strengthen your role as a consultant.
    • Recognise your limiting patterns and use your strengths strategically.