• Marieke de Boer

    Firm and flexible

  • Marieke de Boer

    Senior trainer and coach

    Marieke de Boer coaches IT experts who excell in their profession and want to exert influence with greater ease. With such influence, their projects become more succesfull for their clients. So that the client is successful. And they are too.


    Turn new insights into concrete behaviour!

    The company name AtPresent refers to this moment: what keeps you busy right now, what's going on with your client and what is needed accordingly? So, what do you neet to do now?

  • Clients

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  • Directly applicable in practice!

    Jeffrey Snijders 2022

    Marieke is all about quality. She is driven to get the best results during the training.

    Rens V. 2022

    By focusing on relevant work situations, Marieke ensured that the training was immediately valuable to my work.

    Rogier van den Brink 2021

    The personal attention and the customized materials are extraordinary!

    Ferdi Brand 2017

    During the training, I have acquired skills applicable to both my work and private life, which has led to some wonderful conversations.

    Amber Klomp 2023

    Marieke has a special ability to get you out of your comfort zone in a pleasant and safe way. Combined with her personal feedback and coaching, you be guaranteed to learn and develop a lot.

    Wesley Mechelse 2020

    During the training, the added value is immediately clear. It is useful for all-round consultants, as well as for personal development and one’s view on others.

    Sander van den Wijngaart 2016

    The actor with industry knowledge gives this training something extra.

    Remco Westerlaken 2023

    I still benefit daily from the things I have learned during the training.

    Roelof Folkersma 2021

    Marieke’s approach speaks volumes about her appreciation for every individual’s talents. She uses that to strengthen each person’s skills.

    Paul Baan 2016

    I use the acquired knowledge daily. I would highly recommend this training for junior consultants!

    Bjarne Phaff 2023

    I'd recommend this training for everyone that wishes to develop themselves!

    Timo Landman 2017

    Marieke is an enthusiastic trainer who delivers a very good training with loads of
    positive energy.

    Niels Stevens 2022

    An in-depth training that helps you to get the most out of every conversation!

    Consultant 2022

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    I would be happy to learn about your needs.

    If you are interested, I will make a customised proposal for your training.

    Madurastraat 130
    + 31 6 2509 6639