• Training

    Anticipate your client's business and personal needs

  • Understand your client - before you are understood

    Ask about ambition, pains, and dreams

    Build optimal business and personal relationships

    • Quickly estimate the client's personal needs
    • Adapt your approach
    • Know the strategy and understand the business

    Engage the client in a joint thought process

    Do this from your expert role

    Positively influence the decision process

    • Use a funnel model to guide strategic conversations
    • Use proven conversation techniques to maintain good contact
    • Deal effectively with objections, emotions, conflicts, and politics

    Exude seniority

    Combine expertise with attention to your client

    Look at stakeholders with recognition

    • Reinforce your first impression with your body language, tone of voice and choice of words
    • Understand your limiting habits and influence them positively
    • Translate your value to the client's business needs

    Be a sparring partner for your client

    Keep the interests of your own organisation in mind as well

    Know what is going on in the market

    • Prepare strategically for a political case and present it in a 'high pressure' environment.
    • See commercial opportunities and work together with your sales colleagues.
    • Recognise trends and bring these into discussions with the client


  • How would you respond to this client?